Are you chasing old money?

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I recently uncovered an old and very unconscious money block within myself.

I wonder if you're also holding onto one of these?

The chasing old money block - let me explain...

Consider your money manifestation goal. Do you want to manifest consistent 5K months? Or a chunk of cash like 10K?

Why do you want to manifest these amounts? 

It recently dawned on me that part of my desire to manifest an abundant life was to energetically and emotionally "pay back a debt" that I'm holding around my inheritance.

Years ago when my father passed away the children split up the remaining estate. My family of origin wasn't blessed with overflowing abundance or a good money mindset. We got by, but things often felt scarce and lacking.

I inherited by today's standards and with my family's expenses in London what is a relatively small amount but to me at the time, it felt huge (it was the biggest amount of money I'd ever seen at that age).

Promises not kept

My father asked me to promise him that I would invest this money in a house. A very sensible thing and I can of course see why a parent would suggest that for their child.

I didn't do that.

With all of the trauma around losing my parents, my lack of money skills, and poor money mindset, topped off with a large dose of guilt and the heavy burden of inheriting money because of their passing I spent it pretty quickly.

I moved into a new rental home, I bought new furniture and a car. I became the over-generous one who bought rounds of drinks for everyone, including nice strangers I met when out and about.

In all honestly I would have exchanged that money anytime to have my parents back - and I wonder if that's part of the reason my subconscious mind actively tried to get rid of that money so quickly.

Carrying the story of guilt

But I carried guilt around with me for YEARS that I didn't do what my father wanted me to do with the money.

I made a vow that I would "get that money back". That I would buy a house with it and fulfill on my promise to him.


When I stopped underearning and transformed my money relationship I did create that money back, and more.

In my conscious mind I decided - "I'm on track now, I can release that" but recently I realised there's still a part of me that is holding onto that promise to my father. That is still wanting to "clear that debt" energetically.

Why am I sharing all of this with you?

Old vows, contracts, promises

When we hold onto these old vows, energetic contracts, promises or even guilt that we will "correct" what was once a "bad money decision" we are manifesting from a place of guilt (or insert any other heavy emotion you feel here!).

Especially if there is someone else involved, we may be manifesting something to simply try to make another person happy.

Is that true abundance and freedom though?

We are manifesting with conditions.

That the new money will correct that.

That this will un-do that.

That the past thing was bad, but the new thing will be good so it will be cancelled out.

This isn't manifesting from a place of abundance.

This is not manifesting from a place of acceptance for where we are now.

This is not manfiesting from a place of gratitude for what is.

You deserve to be free of guilt and shame around past money decisions.

You deserve to freely choose to manifest whatever amount of money you choose to support your abundant life as it is right now.

You deserve to do it just for the hell of it, not to put a band-aid on an old wound and try to heal it or to fulfil a promise or an expectation of someone else.

Because the truth is more money won't heal the old wounds. Only processing and releasing negative emotions can do that.

Are you chasing old money too?

This block isn't just about inheritance. Are any of these examples featuring unconsciously in your wishes to manifest abundance?

Manifesting money to:

  • Get back money that was lost or stolen
  • Recover money from an investment that went badly
  • Repay debt that you have (to "correct" what you spent and be "good" now, rather than manifesting towards an abundant and debt-free future)
  • Manifest money that a family member lost to change your family's money story
  • Manifest money that you lost gambling
  • Get money back that you loaned to someone that was never repaid

The problem with chasing old money

When we chase old money we are being kept stuck in the belief and pattern of scarcity. If money feels "lost", "gone forever" and something we have to "recover" we are not tapping into the infitinite potential of the universe.

That underlying belief that money can be gone, and will not come back keeps us stuck in fear that we could lose it again, or spend unwisely again.

This keeps us in lack. 

Chasing old money also keeps us stuck in the past. It keeps us reminiscing about what could have been, what should have been.

When we are ruminating (consciously or subconsciously) on the past we often have the tendency to continue manifesting more and more of the same past events and behaviours. Why?

Because our thoughts and feelings are preoccupied with old patterns, and when we are in that energy we attract more of the same energy.

It's like you are manifesting backwards, to patch up the past, before you can allow yourself to embrace and enjoy your abundant future.

I believe you deserve better.

Release the old, and embrace the new

What if you were to forgive and let go of that old event?

What if you were to accept that there are some memories from your past that feel good around money, and some that feel bad - but either way they are gone, in the past and no more.

After all, the only thing we truly have is the present moment. How do you choose to spend this precious moment right now?

What if you were to accept your money situation as it is and vow to create an abundant future of your chosing, just for you, where money flows in and out.

That you trust the flow of money - even when it flows out, it always flows back. As is the natural order and rhythm of things.

What if you were to manifest from a place where there are no conditions placed on it to solve for past issues?

This is the work we do in the School of Manifestation.

If you would like to work on healing your money story and co-create your new abundant reality with the universe alongside an amazing team of like-minded heart-centred women in business join us!

We would love to welcome you into the community.

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