Client Love + Success Stories

Keri is my go-to manifestation queen

She has been a manifestation mentor and coach in my women’s business programmes for over 3 years and has helped to create more clients, more money and more joy for anyone who has been lucky enough to receive her coaching!

Sarah Leather
Business Coach + Founder of

Gráinne Flanagan
Homeopath + Founder of

Since working with Keri I have manifested my dream cottage on the West coast of Ireland!  To begin with it really was a dream.  I talked about wanting it but didn’t have a plan at the time, but the coaching with Keri cleared any blocks that I had. One weekend I suddenly realised I could make some money on selling my existing home, and jumped at the chance.  I continued the search for my dream cottage and at one point I began to doubt I had the finances, but I even manifested that to complete the purchase!! This work has empowered me and improved my business! I would recommend coaching with Keri wholeheartedly.

Katie Rogers, Founder + Head Coach,

I want to take this moment to share my heart-felt gratitude to Keri and her beautiful approach to coaching. 

In just three sessions, Keri was able to help me see how I was dimming my shine to ‘fit in’ and falling into the same self-belief traps I have encouraged others to avoid. 

Keri showed me the power available to me in embracing my authenticity, feeling ok with being a novice and sharing my new career path with friends and family; two worlds I usually keep very separate. 

Having this clarity has enabled me, in a ridiculously short timeframe to move from dabbling with an idea to launching my business imperfectly as a true reflection of my authentic desire to serve other women on their journey to empowerment.

Thank you so much, Keri, you are amazing.


I highly recommend hiring Keri to help you shift the way you approach manifestation and uplevel your relationship with money.

While working with Keri, I was able to bring money into my daily consciousness, which is something I've avoided doing, or tried to do many times but haven't succeeded in. There is something powerful about her totally non-judgmental and gentle approach that allowed me to be more honest about the places I'm stuck with manifesting more money. Keri helped me make manageable goals without pushing me further, and through the process of working together I totally met and exceeded my goals. She helped me see what I was already doing well, and add in some new behaviors and thoughts to be able to achieve the money goals I set every month. Working with Keri has been a breath of fresh air. The way she approaches manifestation practices feels very practical, grounded and doable. 


I even discovered a limiting belief which was a game changer! 

Through our coaching I was able to really commit to my goal, find more time and reduce my stress in the process. I even discovered a limiting belief which was a game changer! I’d recommend working with Keri if you are ready to make real change in your life, and need help with motivation to get into action. Thank you - I really enjoyed our sessions and felt it was really successful! 


I love working with Keri!

Keri has been my coach off and on forn3 years. She uses several modalities and knows just when to apply them. She has a way of quickly identifying your problem and getting right to the pain point so she can quickly and effectively clearing the block. I love working with her and would highly recommend her to anyone. I’ve had great experiences, which is why I keep coming back.

Kathy Dodds, Coach + EFT Practitioner

Feeling the love ❤︎


Jenna*, Indianapolis, USA

I was surprised how much more effective my ability to manifest was because Keri has a way of digging into our resistance or comfort level to help us discover ways to move forward in ways I didn’t think was possible. It’s more than I can do for myself on my own, or by reading a book. She can get so specific on what’s possible above and beyond my own beliefs and limitations. It’s mind blowing!

Aimee*, Leeds UK

I have been stagnant for 3 years and by doing this program, I was able to find the things that were blocking me, work through them and with Keri’s guidance, I was able to manifest new clients and opportunities. I couldn’t believe it! Keri has a way of helping you see how you’re sabotaging yourself and how to get back into manifesting mode. 

Krista, Cornwall, UK.

Seriously thought I could never do this. Since joining The School of Manifestation I've had my first 15K month in business! I have found ways of building my business that feel fun, light and like play - instead of trying to make other marketing formulas fit which just felt stressful and overwhelming. I'm now operating a business that feels more me, and I'm making more than I ever have before! Thank you Keri.