sound familiar?

Are you feeling burned out, tired and foggy minded; and finding yourself getting ill more often than you used to?

Is your business and life so busy that you find it hard to keep up with healthy eating and exercise, even though you feel you should?

You may even be struggling to sleep because you’re thinking about all the things you need to do.

Despite knowing that you should be resting and sleeping you feel you need to keep going, to push on, to reach that goal. But it can feel so overwhelming!

If you find yourself feeling like this, then welcome. Whether you are busy with setting up and growing a heart-centred business or you are juggling family or a coporate job, you’re in the right place.

you’re in the right place…

I’m Keri: kinesiologist, writer + business mentor with a soft spot for working with fellow over-achievers running a heart-centred business.

I love working with women who are on a personal and spiritual development journey. Using kinesiology and tools like EFT and flower essences I help you to clear and align your energy, release negative patterns and clear obstacles to get you to the next level and reach your next goal.

Most of my clients are fellow business owners: therapists, healers and coaches who are following their passion to create a business that makes the world a better place.  I also work with women in the corporate world and mums who are on a path of spiritual and personal development.

On this site you’ll find inspiration to create a life and business that you love, while avoiding stress, burn out and overwhelm.

From here you can:

I look forward to connecting!








Perfect imperfection – trusting in the process of creation

You may have noticed recently that my website has changed to be more in alignment with my new focus. Through this update I've pushed myself to the edge of my comfort zone - and slightly beyond at times. Starting a new thing can bring up all sorts of hesitation and...
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Taking one step forward and three steps back?

Have you ever reached a new height in your life or business, only to be brought back a step or 3? Welcome to the upper limit problem. I recently went through something like this. After a particularly deep session with my kinesiologist on Skype I felt like I was...
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Why I’m doing this: a transition through burnout to the other side of business

In 2016 I nearly gave it all up. Feeling burnt out and sick, I took an opportunity to go and work on a tech project 4 days a week to give myself a break (!). After spending 7 years creating a business that would align with my passions and give me the freedom to do...
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Taking the next step

It's nearly 8 years since I set out on this path of self employment - next month will be the month I graduated from my first natural health qualification:  homeopathic college in London. It's often said that life goes in 7 year cycles, and I've wondered that with...
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Website fail: who you gonna call?

This morning my website had an error. Not just a little error in the background causing a few niggling issues, it was a proper complete shut down of my website. When you loaded the site this is what you could see: So what happened? You may recall from my webinar on...
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