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Wellbeing, self-worth and a life rich with abundance, time, love and joy... Isn't this what we all crave, deep down? But when we obsess over food and our weight, thinking that will change things in our life we are using the wrong tool for the job. There's a different way. Tune in to learn more. 

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It took me years of trial and error to realise I didn't have a weight problem. Diets weren't the solution, because what I was eating wasn't the core problem. The fixation on my weight and food, plus the emotions and experiences I was numbing with food was.

As an Advanced Certified Life Coach with a background in holistic health, I use my understanding of the mind-body connection along with and my passion for personal development and manifestation to empower women to release emotional eating and change their lives for the better (minus the years of trial and error that I did!).

"Keri works with people in a truly holistic way. She has held the space while we’ve examined the breadth of my life, dealing with things in so many areas: money, sleep, exercise, business, relationships, etc. She is amazing at gently spotting links between my behaviours in all these other areas of my life. She has never been critical or demanding even when I had a huge binge (I regained 9lbs over 4 days). She was fabulously calming and consistent. And, my new body - wow! I used to be so achey and stiff. I couldn’t touch my feet without tucking my belly in to the side. No so any more. I’m sharing clothes with my slim teenage daughters! Size 8 clothes fit me and I find my physical activity so much easier with less of me to carry around. I can run faster, I don’t get puffed out dancing. I’m lighter and more energetic. Flexible. I enjoy food, even that which was previously ‘out of bounds’."

~ Fran

"This is the first time in a very long time I’m not thinking “I need to lose weight” - it’s odd to think I don’t need to think this anymore. It’s going to make me more sociable now - I’ve thought so many times in the past “I can’t go out, I’m too fat and have nothing to wear”. My old jeans are now falling off me. I’ve really learned through all of this, ironically, that it’s not about the weight at all. It’s taken me losing the weight to realise that I was over eating because I was thinking badly about myself and blaming the weight. Now I understand this I don’t even need to over eat anymore! Amazing. It’s great to know that I can return to you if I need it in the future but I feel really confident in maintaining my weight so I don’t think I will need that.

~ Helen

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