Hi, I’m Keri.

I’m a kinesiologist and writer based in London, UK.

If you’re feeling stuck in a loop of repeating patterns, are craving change but just can’t seem to create it in your life or feel out of balance you’re in the right place.

Many of the women I work with are on a transformative journey, whether it’s to find the clarity and confidence to transition into a new career or business; to create more abundance and financial wellbeing or to start a new chapter in life after experiencing a trauma like a relationship breakdown or the loss of a loved one.

Using kinesiology, I work holistically with people to explore the synergy between emotions, mindset, relationships, money, health, and business. My intention is for these sessions to be a mixture of emotional and energetic healing, goal setting, mindset work, and accountability – providing you with the tools needed to create positive change in your life.

I also write about burnout, spirituality, the mind-body connection, money mindset and business. You can read some of my articles on my blog. If you’d like to receive inspiring stories, encouragement, and positivity in your inbox occassionally, feel free to sign up for my newsletter.

Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet!

8 people share their biggest tips for surviving burnout

I recently asked a few people who have experienced burnout what was their biggest tip they would give to anyone suffering from it. Their responses had a surprising number of themes running through them! Here are their thoughts: Lisa Murray www.LivingBeyondBurnout.com...

What message is your hip pain trying to give you?

The energetic meaning of hip pain The hips are all about change and a challenge in making a change in your life. There can be a desire to hold on to how things have been until - in the worst case scenario - you become immobile. When you don't know the next step In a...

Are you burned out? Check these signs and symptoms…

Burnout is one of those sneaky conditions that creeps up on people without them even realising it. Sometimes called overachiever's syndrome, it often affects people who are ambitious, perfectionists, have high standards for themselves and perform at a high level in...

Perfect imperfection – trusting in the process of creation

You may have noticed recently that my website has changed to be more in alignment with my new focus. Through this update I've pushed myself to the edge of my comfort zone - and slightly beyond at times. Starting a new thing can bring up all sorts of hesitation and...

Taking one step forward and three steps back?

Have you ever reached a new height in your life or business, only to be brought back a step or 3? Welcome to the upper limit problem. I recently went through something like this. After a particularly deep session with my kinesiologist on Skype I felt like I was...

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