The Manifestation Coach Podcast

Inspiring Money Story with Jamie Berman

Jul 12, 2023
Day 90 of 100 days of manifestation  ✨
Join Jamie Berman and Keri for another Inspiring Money Story chat.
Jamie is a master of manifestation - she's taken her business from 12K/year to 500K in 3 years and has manifested over $1M twice through real estate! Through transforming her mindset around money and working with manifestation she's transformed so many areas of her business and life. Join us to learn her secrets!
About Jamie:
Jamie Berman is a Master Certified Coach with a background in Spiritual Psychology specializing in manifestation and specifically, the energetic of money.
She has coached thousands of clients, helping them change the beliefs, habits, and behaviors that were keeping them from making the kind of money they truly desired in their business. Jamie’s clients stop under-earning and go on to make 6-figures and beyond in their businesses without overworking or hustling. They come to realize that money isn’t something that happens to them, but something that they have the power to create!


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