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How to make abundant money decisions (my 3 step process)

abundance money decisions money guilt money shame purchasing decisions trusting yourself with money Jun 06, 2023

Have you got a litany of previous money decisions that plague you with guilt and shame? Do you have a bunch of money memories that you wish you could go back and change forever?

We've all been there...

The impulsive purchase on a credit card that takes forever to pay off...

The coaching program investment that didn't really feel it was good value...

The online course you bought and never opened once...

Whatever money decisions you have made in the past, they are done and you deserve to feel free and clear from these feelings so that you can manifest from a clear and abundant place. (If you feel like you're carrying around guilt from the past, check out my post on Forgiving Yourself for Bad Money Decisions here.)

But that's not just the only impact of these previous money decisons...

When we have built up a catalogue of events that we perceive as "bad" and wish we hadn't done, it affects our trust, confidence and capability when handling money.

It's a really common block for women to feel like they don't trust themselves because of all of the evidence they've collected in the past that demonstrates that they aren't good at managing money.

Here's the thing: money isn't going away. We need to spend money in our society to get by in life, so trusting yourself and feeling good about that process will not only help your mental health. When you spend from a place of trust, abundance and confidence in yourself, you're also in a great aligned vibration for the universe to send even more back to you!

But how do you do it?

Here I want to share a little deciison makeing processs that I really like. Use this every time you spend money. Get yourself into alignment before you even tap your card or hand over the cash. 

The more you use this process, and do the forgiveness work on the past the better you'll feel about money and the more you will trust yourself and yoru capability to handle more. 

It's a win-win for manifesting!

Step 1: Ask yourself how you're going to feel about this afterwards

Start with the end in mind. Ask yourself how it will feel to have purchased this item at the appropriate time point in the future - e.g. later today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year - is it something you love and have used well? Or is it something that sat around collecting dust, and you now need to take to the charity shop? Tune in intuitively and see how your body responds, if it's a light flowy 'hell yes feeling' you have ticked the first box!

Here are a couple of examples....

  • If you're buying a coffee, how are you going to feel later this evening? Too buzzed to sleep well, or happy that you relaxed and enjoyed your beautiful cup of coffee in the cafe today?
  • If you're buying groceries, how are you going to feel about it when it's at home? Will it be a purchase that expires in your cupboard most likely, never to see the light of day again? Is it something that's often used by your family and they love it?
  • If you're buying clothes, how are you going to feel about it when it needs washing? How are you going to feel about it after the initial reason (e.g. a party) has been and gone? Will you regret the hassle it takes to wash a delicate item or take it to the dry cleaners, or will it be hanging in your closet in pride of place knowing that you get great use out of it regularly?
  • If you're buying a digital course, how do you think you'll feel afterwards? Is it something you genuinely could benefit from? Do you have the time to set aside and do it? Does it fill a knowledge gap you have right now?

Step 2: Ask yourself how it will feel during your use of it

Now focus on how it will feel while you're using/consuming this item (or if it's an event, how you will feel while there having the experience). Does it feel light, flowy, and aligned? Does it feel good, or is it tinged with guilt? Again, if it's a yes, you've ticked this box!

Here are a couple more examples:

  • If you're buying junk food, how do you think you'll feel while you're eating it? Will you be truly enjoying it or feeling guilty while eating it, knowing that the remorse will come later?
  • If you're buying a ticket to an event, do you think you will love it or is it an event that is more to one of your friend's taste? Could you be buying it just because you don't want to miss out, instead of truly wanting to go for the experience?

Step 3: Check in with how you feel before you buy it

Does the idea of buying this item feel good now? Does it feel aligned given what's available in your bank accounts? Does it feel aligned with your goals? Tune in and see how your body feels, again, if it's a hell yes you've ticked the third box!

Here are some examples of checking in before the purchase:

  • If you find yourself with something in your basket that's a great deal and marked down, but you haven't really thought through buying intentionally does it feel good to spend this, or impulsive?
  • If you find yourself mindlessly clicking on Amazon deals, does it feel good to hit 'buy' on these items now? Does it feel like an abundant decision and money spent wisely?

Your aim: to get 3 hell yeses

The aim of this process is for you to make aligned buying decisions: it feels good to hand over the money now, it feels good using the item / go to the event and afterwards you look back and feel great about that purchase.

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