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Supercharge your manifestation with a powerful gratitude practice

100daysofmanifestation gratitutde journalling Feb 05, 2023

Gratitude is a powerful force when it comes to manifesting your desires. It vibrates at the highest frequency and aligns you with the energy of abundance. When you cultivate an attitude of gratitude, you become an energetic match for all the incredible things you want to manifest. The Law of Attraction responds to this high vibration and brings more of your desires into your life.

Now, let's talk about why practicing gratitude is essential. Our brains are wired to focus on the negative aspects of life. It's called the negativity bias, and it's a natural survival mechanism that has served us well throughout history. However, in our modern lives, this bias can hinder our manifestation process.

Think about it: How often do you dwell on past unpleasant experiences or worry about potential future challenges? Our minds tend to gravitate towards these negative thoughts and emotions. They stick with us, coloring our decisions and actions. But here's the thing: If we want to manifest our dreams, we need to shift our focus and rewire our brains for positivity.

Gratitude is the antidote to negativity bias. It helps us redirect our attention towards the positive aspects of our lives. When you consciously practice gratitude, you train your brain to seek out and acknowledge the blessings that surround you. You become more aware of the beauty and abundance present in every moment.

Now, let's dive deeper into the power of gratitude. Allow me to share a personal experience. As I embarked on my 100-day manifestation journey, I received so many heartwarming messages from listeners like you. Each message uplifted my spirits and touched my soul. People expressed how my words and guidance positively impacted their lives. They found solace, inspiration, and motivation in the podcast episodes.

But you know what? It was easier for me to brush off those messages of praise and focus on the self-doubt instead. My mind would tell me things like, "Your voice is weird. Who do you think you are to be a podcast host?" Can you relate to this self-critical internal dialogue?

The negativity bias was at play in my own life. The negative comments and self-doubt held more weight in my mind than the positive feedback. However, I realized the importance of acknowledging and embracing the love and appreciation I received. It was time to rewrite the narrative and let those affirmations sink in.

So, let's reflect on your own experiences. How often do you remember the negative events in your life? They tend to pop up effortlessly, don't they? But what about the positive moments? Do they receive the same attention? Probably not.

Our minds have a tendency to dwell on the grumbles, the rude encounters, or the setbacks. It's time to change that pattern. Let's flip the script and start paying attention to the positive feedback, the kind words, and the uplifting moments. Embrace them with open arms. Allow yourself to fully receive the love and appreciation that comes your way.

Here's the secret: When you embrace positive feedback, you strengthen your confidence and self-belief. You reinforce a positive mindset that is essential for manifesting your dreams. So, my darling, celebrate your strengths, honor your achievements, and let the positive energy fuel your journey.

In conclusion, gratitude is the secret sauce for supercharging your manifestation journey. When you align yourself with the energy of appreciation, you become a magnet for abundance, joy, and all the magical experiences you desire. So, let's make gratitude a daily practice. Write out your goals with gratitude, savor the little blessings that come your way, and notice how the Universe responds!

Happy manifesting ✨


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** This post was originally shared as day 5 of the 100 days of manifestation series ** 

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