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Manifestation superpower: acting as if

abundance acting as if aligned action future self Apr 11, 2023
Day 41 of the 100 days of manifestation! ✨

Today, we're diving deep into the topic of "acting as if" when it comes to manifestation. It's a superpower technique that can truly transform your life.

So, how do you act as if you already have what you desire? Let's explore why this technique is so powerful and how you can apply it to your life right now.

You see, oftentimes, we find ourselves feeling miles away from where we want to be. But when we embrace the mindset of "acting as if," it's like a software upgrade for our brains. We're already stepping into the next version of ourselves, even if the thing we desire hasn't physically manifested yet.

Whether it's money, a thriving business, or any other goal, acting as if we already have it aligns us with the energy and vibration necessary to attract it into our lives. It's all about becoming a vibrational match for what we want to create, opening the doors for the universe to deliver our desires.

Now, you might be familiar with the quote I often share from Wallace D. Wattles, and I'll do my best to paraphrase it here: "By thought, the thing is brought to you; by action, you're able to receive it." This quote beautifully captures the essence of "acting as if."

While our thoughts and intentions lay the groundwork for manifestation, taking inspired action in the physical realm is what allows us to fully receive what we desire. It's a powerful interplay between our energetic creation and our tangible actions.

When it comes to money, for instance, if you're still engaging in overspending, going into debt, or being mindless with your finances, you're essentially perpetuating the same money problems you're experiencing now.

To create a different reality, we need to start acting as if we're already the person we envision ourselves to be. Yes, it might feel strange or even fake at first, but trust me, it's the right path to take. By operating at that higher level before it physically manifests, we set ourselves up for success in the realm of manifestation.

Now, here's an important distinction to make. Acting as if doesn't mean going on a spending spree or getting into debt. It's not about making impulsive purchases or maxing out credit cards. Instead, it's about embodying the qualities and behaviors of the future version of yourself that you want to become.

So, if you envision yourself as an amazing money manager, it means making conscious decisions with your finances, saving for the future, and creating a financial buffer for unexpected situations. It's about aligning your actions with the mindset and values of the person you aspire to be.

To fully embrace the "acting as if" principle, consider incorporating these practices into your daily life. First, surround yourself with the energy of abundance. If you've always dreamed of having afternoon tea in a fancy hotel or dining at a luxurious restaurant, go ahead and treat yourself.

You don't have to break the bank, but by indulging in small ways, you invite the energy of abundance into your experience. Feel what it's like to belong in those spaces and allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of abundance in the present moment.

Next, manage your money with intention and awareness. Take the time to track your income, acknowledge the value you bring, and appreciate any unexpected discounts or gifts that come your way. Cultivate a strong relationship with your finances, just as the future version of yourself would.

Experiment with different systems that work for you and become conscious of your spending habits. Remember, being in control of your money and managing it wisely is a key component of financial abundance.

If you're someone who loves the online shopping experience, try a little mental spending. Visit luxury websites, add items to your basket, and savor the feeling of possibility and abundance that arises. But here's the thing: you don't have to click the "checkout" button.

The purpose here is not to accumulate more material possessions but to immerse yourself in the energetic frequency of abundance. It's about feeling the excitement and joy of having what you desire without actually making the purchase.

Lastly, embody the qualities and characteristics of the person you want to become. How does that version of you dress? How does she carry herself? How does she prioritize self-care? Embrace those qualities and make them part of your present reality. Dress in a way that makes you feel confident and powerful.

Take care of your appearance and let it reflect the beauty and radiance within you. By stepping into the physical embodiment of your desired self, you align your energy with the reality you want to create.

So, there you have it: I invite you to start "acting as if" today. Upgrade the software of your mind, align your actions with your desires, and watch as the universe conspires to bring you what you've been calling in.

Remember, you are the co-creator of your life, and by acting as if, you activate the magic that lies within you.

Now, I'd love to hear from you. How are you going to implement the "acting as if" technique in your life? Share your thoughts and experiences over on the Facebook community.


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This video was originally shared as day 41 of the 100 Days of Manifestation series.

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