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How to change your beliefs to support manifestation (+ my list of beliefs to cultivate to manifest your dreams!)

100daysofmanifestation beliefs mindset rewiringyourbrain Feb 03, 2023

It's time to shed light on the magnificent power of our beliefs. Our beliefs form the very fabric of our reality, shaping our experiences and influencing the outcomes we attract. Sometimes, our minds resist change, clinging to outdated patterns rooted in fear and self-doubt. But fear not, for we are the architects of our own minds! We possess the innate ability to rewire our thinking and cultivate new beliefs that empower our manifestation journey.

Unveiling the Process of Rewiring:
Now, let's embark on the awe-inspiring journey of transforming our beliefs. Picture this: every day, take a soulful moment to embark on a rampage of positive beliefs. Allow the ink of your pen to dance freely on the pages of your journal as you write down affirmations that stir your soul. These affirmations should align with your desires, radiating abundance, success, and unwavering self-worth. Remember, just a mere 17 seconds of devotion to a new belief initiates the rewiring process within your brain.

Elevating Beliefs to Illuminate Manifestation:
To ignite your creative spark, here's an example list of empowering beliefs that you can weave into your daily practice:

    •  It’s my time and I’m ready for the next step
    •  It gets easier and easier every day
    •  Money flows easily 
    •  My dreams are unfolding perfectly
    •  It gets to happened quickly 
    •  It is happening now
    •  My succes is inevitabel 
    •  The best is yet to come 
    •  People love to pay me for my work
    •  People value my work as much as I love to do it
    •  I trust the process
    •  My next client is coming

Feel free to pause, breathe, and allow these beliefs to resonate with the core of your being. For a complete list, seek out the comments section of this soul-stirring podcast episode.

Rewiring Your Brain

Remember, rewiring your brain is a sacred dance of time and consistent effort. If certain beliefs initially feel challenging or distant from your current reality, fear not! You hold the power to customize and mold them to match your unique journey. Allow yourself to embody these new beliefs fully, envisioning them as your truth. The moment you embrace these beliefs with unwavering faith, the universe activates to manifest your desires to reality.

Happy manifesting! ✨


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 ** This post was originally shared as day 4 of the 100 days of manifestation series **

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