#3 Master manifesting the small things to call the big things


Want to pull the strings of your reality and transform your life through manifestation?

This episode is just what you need.

Drawing from a popular Facebook live session, I let you in on a life-empowering concept that can switch your vibration to an unshakable certainty, setting the stage for your desired manifestation.

You'll learn how to manifest seemingly small things like parking spaces, discounts, unexpected refunds and even loose change found on the street.

Although these may not seem significant, they work wonders to enhance your belief and trust in the manifestation process. As we transition into the second half of our conversation, we delve deeper into the art of manifesting abundance and nurturing an attitude of gratitude.

I provide you with practical tips on how to cultivate a habit of recognizing and celebrating the small moments of abundance in your everyday life.

This perspective fosters a sense of gratitude and appreciation, ultimately helping you become a beacon for attracting more good things into your life.

Whether you are a veteran or a novice in manifestation, this episode is brimming with insights and actionable tips that will elevate your practice.

So tune in, and get ready to step into your power as a master of manifestation.

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