Weight loss coaching

Have you given up on losing weight, yet know somewhere deep down that you’d be healthier at a different size?

Do you feel like you’ve tried every diet but nothing works?

Maybe you’re wondering if you’ve broken your metabolism by trying all of the different diets over the years: Atkins, Cambridge, 5:2, Cabbage Soup Diet – the list goes on!

Have you read everything you can get your hands on about what you should be doing to lose weight, yet find that you sabotage yourself at times?

Have you suffered from yo-yo dieting throughout your life?

If any of this resonates this could be the programme to help you.

Thank you! I feel so much better in myself and more motivated to keep up the principles that will keep me from putting the weight back on. Marie, Lost 4kg (8.5lbs)

I can get into some of my older clothes and I feel more confident about the way I look. The group work was great,  it made what felt like a difficult task initially much more motivating. I also enjoyed finding my willpower! Sally-Anne (lost 15lbs / 6.8kg)

Thank you for introducing me to this! I really feel like I will be able to maintain this weight loss. Lisa (lost 14lbs / 6kg)

Is this right for you?

Book a free 20 minute clarity call to get your questions answered and find out if this is the right approach for you.

My journey so far…

It’s fair to say that I never dreamt of being a weight loss coach, having been someone that’s yo-yo dieted most of her life.

Up until the end of 2017 I found myself the heaviest I’d ever been. At a dress size 18 I knew that I wasn’t in a place that was healthy for me personally. With my frame and my body shape I found that I was getting aches and pains in my joints, it was harder to exercise and my abdominal fat just kept getting in the way of everything. My confidence was compromised and I just didn’t feel great about myself.

This was the result of adrenal fatigue and burnout that I’d had for about 5 years: the classic fat around the middle that you develop when you’re stressed out. My adrenals improved alot over the last few years but I couldn’t seem to shift the weight I’d gained.

With a background in natural medicine this just felt even worse for me: how could clients come to me for health advice when I didn’t feel like I was in my authenticity by living the healthiest version of life that I could? Yet despite my training and the effect on my practice, I found I would still sabotage myself. “I know what I should be doing, so why the hell can’t I just do it?!”, I often thought.

As my best friend’s wedding approached I was getting more and more anxious about squeezing into a pretty dress for the occasion. I knew I should try and lose weight but I couldn’t face yet another diet or cleanse that I’d ultimately give up. Then I found a naturopathic health coaching programme that finally helped.

I worked with a colleague (thanks, Jude!) who introduced me to the homeopathic and nutritional programme to stimulate fat burning and to reset your body’s weight set point. I was skeptical, but also desperate to lose weight so I tried it and have not looked back.

So far I have personally 20kg (over 40lbs), 3 dress sizes and feel so much more confident in my ability to regulate my eating and my weight by myself. Clients and people around me started asking me to work with them using the same programme when they noticed my results, and so far I’ve helped women in group programmes and 1:1 coaching sessions to lose approximately 8-10lbs with each programme.

I’m still on my own journey and have a bit of a way to go to be in a place where I feel at my healthiest, but I do feel I’m on my way there. If any of this resonates with you at all I’d love to share the programme with you too.

Above: on holiday in 2017 – a size 18, always trying to find a pose that covered my gut!

Below: a more recent photo in April 2018 – almost down to a size 14!

I really like that I lost the weight quickly, but in what seems like a healthy way. It was straightforward and relatively easy. The main the thing was that I didn’t feel hungry apart from a couple of times. After you joined me up to the group that really helped too.

Larisa - lost 15lbs (6.8kg)

Beyond calorie counting

I believe It’s about more than just good nutrition and exercise. After all, most of the women that I work with tend to have researched weight loss and come to me with excellent knowledge of nutrition and health. Our problem isn’t that we don’t know what to do, it’s why we don’t stick to it.

In the programme, I have taken the fat burning drops and nutrition plan and placed them alongside mindset coaching to help women really get under the surface of why they are doing what they do. I believe this, along with the change in eating, sets you up for long-term success.

Not a one size fits all approach

I’m not a fan of the BMI scale or supposedly ‘healthy weight ranges’. I believe that we inherently know what the right size is for our unique body shape and type.

One woman’s healthy size 16 curves may be another size 8 woman’s equivalent picture of health. You won’t find prescriptive nutrition plans or forceful coercion to slim to a certain size here.

You decide what’s right for you, and my role is to hold the space and facilitate your journey, while gently highlighting any blind spots in your mindset that may be stopping you from getting to your best place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
You decide whether you prefer to work in a group or in private 1:1 coaching. We then meet weekly either in a group or in 1:1 sessions. At the review sessions we look at your numbers, how the week has been and discuss anything that’s come up for you as a challenge that week.
Do you have to eat meat?
Not at all. There are vegetarian and vegan options too.
Can you do this programme when you're pregnant?
This programme should be avoided during pregnancy.
Are there any medical conditions that would stop you from doing this programme?
If you have any diagnosed medical condition you should seek the advice of your medical doctor and do the programme with their supervision.
Will this help with sugar cravings?
Yes, this plan works well to get rid of sugar cravings and to get you back on track with healthy eating.
What if I want to lose more than 10lbs (5kg)?

Some women have lost 14lbs on the 6 week programme. It all depends on your body, the time in your life, and how dedicated you’d like to be in that time. If you find you still have weight you’d like to lose after the 6 weeks it is recommended that you have a break for a couple of weeks, still staying on a healthy eating plan to maintain your weight loss, then repeat. Overall it’s recommended you can do this around 4 times a year so if you have a large amount of weight to lose, your body will also have time to gently readjust and make longer term healthy habits. 

Does this include shakes and powdered food?
No. This is a wholefood eating plan that encourages that body to burn fat.

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