Have you ever reached a new height in your life or business, only to be brought back a step or 3? Welcome to the upper limit problem.

I recently went through something like this. After a particularly deep session with my kinesiologist on Skype I felt like I was aligned to pivot and take the next step in my business in a new way. I felt energised and excited: I couldn’t wait to start redrafting my website copy and getting the ball rolling on doing the new thing. Until…

Upper limits hit

It was like a comedy of errors. The very next day my washing machine broke and as I tried to fix it with water all over the kitchen floor I pierced my foot on one of the sharp parts of the machine – right on the start of the kidney meridian (energetically indicating fear could be an underlying emotion).

That wasn’t too hard to deal with: using all of the towels in the house and an emergency call to the plumber sorted it quite quickly.

Thinking all was well now, the next day I banged my knee so hard I felt a little shocked. And finally, to top it all off, I went to a class at the gym and pulled a muscle in my back (coincidentally the psoas – also related to the kidney meridian in kinesiology!).

After getting a taxi home and staying on the couch all weekend while my back spasmed I had a lot of time to reflect. What on earth was this all about? After all, I’m known to be a little clumsy at times but this was of epic proportions.

As I lay on the couch it dawned on me: I’m upper limiting.

What exactly is upper limiting?

In the wonderful book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks he describes upper limiting as any situation that brings us back to a negative mindset after something good happens in our life to take us to the next level of success, happiness or abundance.

  • Have you ever had a wonderful day out with your partner and felt a new level of connection, only to end the day with a bizarre argument that seems to come from no where?
  • Have you ever had a pay rise or had a really good month money wise in your business only to get an unexpected bill or a parking fine?
  • Have you ever just finished working on something big, or stopped work to take a holiday, only to fall ill?

In Gay’s book he describes many of these types of scenarios as upper limit issues. His premise is that our psyches have inherited a natural fear and expectation that things in life and business just can’t stay that good. There can be a subconscious pattern suggesting to the mind that something negative must be just around the corner to bring you back down.

Recognising the upper limit problem for what it is offers you the opportunity to reflect on the underlying mindset that might be keeping you where you are. As I lay on the couch taking herbs and remedies for my back this is what I found helped:

Journalling to understand the cause

I love reflecting in my journal to work out what’s going on, some of the questions that you could answer that might illuminate things are: why did this happen? And why now? How did you feel before this happened, and how to you feel now? Have you ever felt this way before? What could it be related to in your past – e.g. an event, another person’s expectations you’re carrying, a family pattern?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

To get energy flowing again and clear stuck emotions I love EFT. If you aren’t sure what to do or what tapping scripts may help, I’d definitely recommend Brad Yates You Tube channel where you can literally type in your emotion and you are likely to find a video that is a close match.

I love this EFT video when I find myself in a situation where I’m blocking great things from entering my life:

Seeing my kinesiologist

Seeing my kinesiologist a couple of days later allowed me the time and space to reflect on what happened, to get some external facilitation and to help me discover things that I might have been blocking myself from seeing. She was also able to put my psoas muscle back into place!

So, what was going on for me on this occassion?

I recognised old family patterns and beliefs related to having to work hard for money, and not being able to have the freedom to do what you truly wish to do without while earning a good living. I wouldn’t say that I’ve completely cleared it for now, but shining a light on this has helped me to recognise that this is a default program that is running in my subconscious so I can now question any similar situations in the future knowing that they could be related to this old belief – and of course my aim is over time to get comfortable at the new level so it becomes my new normal.

Over to you

Have you ever had an upper limit issue? I’d love to hear your story and how you dealt with it and what you learned from it in the comments below.