You may have noticed recently that my website has changed to be more in alignment with my new focus. Through this update I’ve pushed myself to the edge of my comfort zone – and slightly beyond at times.

Starting a new thing can bring up all sorts of hesitation and fears which can slow us down or make us completely stuck. Questions can go around in your mind like – what if this doesn’t work? What if no one even wants to work with me in this way? Who am I going to be working with in future? What do I write on my website?

Whether you’re starting out a whole new thing like a coaching or complementary health practice after you’ve qualified, or you are refocussing and doing things slightly differently it can bring up some similar feelings. Essentially we are taking a step into the unknown and trusting that proceeding in this direction is right, despite all of the unanswered questions.

Although I knew logically that I needed to trust the process of transition, my mind still came up with all sorts of objections to not launching my new site as is – perfectly imperfect. Can you relate to any of these?

  • My photographs are old and really need updating
  • My new work is still unfolding and developing in a new way so my copy doesn’t have the clarity I’d like it to
  • My social media profiles haven’t been updated yet – don’t I need time to catch up on that before launching?
  • My website doesn’t look “perfect” yet and it really needs to (I’m a real perfectionist when it comes to that kind of thing – the temptation to “procrasti-brand” was strong!)

Instead of taking another few months to do work in the background and make it “perfect” I decided to launch it as was – warts and all. After all, I see my website as a living, breathing organism, so as I get more clarity over time it will continue to evolve as I do with my work.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck with perfection, procrasti-branding or just feeling plain stuck through the process of creation here’s a few things that helped me:

Start with the smallest possible thing

At this stage you aren’t going for the all-singing all-dancing final version.

If it’s a website you’re working on, maybe its that you need the absolute minimum on your site that will tell people a little bit about who you are, what you do, and how to book.

If you’ve just qualified and need to set up everything, maybe you choose a really basic and small website and one social media profile on your favourite social media channel.

If you are creating a new course, but you aren’t sure if is quite right could you do a free workshop or webinar on the topic and put some of your basic content into that presentation to see if your community like the format and the information?

Start small, and grow from there.

Get the right help

Maybe you need someone to help you with copy as writing just isn’t your thing. Maybe you need someone to do a little bit of the tech work on your site because you’re going around in circles trying to figure out how to do that. Or maybe you need a mentor or coach who has been there before and can guide you on the next step.

For me, joining a mastermind has helped hugely. Having a group of business owners, lead by a business coach, to discuss what’s going on and what to do next has been invaluable. Sometimes we need a bit of external help to get to where we are going.

Test it out with a couple of friendly people

If you’re really hesitating about whether it makes sense, or the process is triggering confidence issues for you, test it out with a couple of people who understand what you’re trying to do and are supportive of your work.

They might suggest a couple of changes to help things make sense, and will hopefully give you reassurance if you’re worried about something like the quality of your writing or the look and feel of your site.

Reframe the mindset

Are you worried people might not want to read about your work? Are you worried that no one will want to work with you in this way anyway? Is it that you feel your work doesn’t look perfect yet? Are you worried about the quality of your writing? Whatever your mind’s worries or limiting beliefs are see if you can find a way to pivot the negative thoughts that are holding you back.

I was worried that I didn’t know exactly what I was doing or offering in the future, and that my website would have big gaps in it because of that (it does). So my reframe was to remember that despite that someone out there was probably going through an experience and needed to hear about my work or read one of my blog posts, no matter that it’s at an early stage of development right now.

How can you flip your negative thoughts into something positive?

Over to you

Have you ever hesitated over doing something new because it wasn’t perfect? What did you find helped you? Share in the comments below. I’d love to see a link to your project or new website there too if that’s what you are working on!