It’s nearly 8 years since I set out on this path of self employment – next month will be the month I graduated from my first natural health qualification:  homeopathic college in London.

It’s often said that life goes in 7 year cycles, and I’ve wondered that with business and self employment too. After all, if we are constantly growing and evolving as a person isn’t our business bound to as well?  

This time last year I found myself ending that cycle burned out and needing a break. Not wanting to worry about paying the bills, I went back to work on a tech project substantially, while continuing a little bit of kinesiology and website work. As I created so much space for reflection I’ve found myself wondering over the course of the last year what’s next?

To discover that I’ve done a bit of a business review and reflection which has really helped me to discover what has truly been in alignment with my personal goals, what hasn’t – and what’s next.

Exploring the start

In 2009 I set out to create a natural health practice after getting fed up with my work in IT. I had been craving an outlet for my creativity and intellectual exploration, and the natural health course I’d just finished provided an opportunity for just that.

I loved working with clients and seeing their wellbeing change for the better. I was also doing similar work on a personal level – working with various therapists and trying to get myself back into balance after a scary diagnosis in my first year of college.

Despite loving this work, my creative side was still calling me. I’d always loved creating websites and had done a couple in my jobs before. Trying many systems, I eventually settled on WordPress. I loved playing with the colours and fonts, images, and copy to create a beautiful experience of reading the site.  Whenever I found myself with a spare moment inevitably I’d be tweaking my website or learning about digital marketing in general.

When some of my friends and colleagues in the natural health world enquired where I had my website designed I found myself drawn to helping others in this capacity – and so, a new side business was born.

Embracing my creative side

This ‘side biz’ has been through a number of incarnations over time: Websites for Therapists, Web Savvy Therapists, my name ‘Keri Dawn’ (I couldn’t register my last name as a .com so went with my middle name – which just caused lots of confusion for people who already knew me!), and finally Web Joy Academy. I’ve helped people create new websites, trained them to build their own and have mentored people on linking up social media, blogging and newsletters to their site to grow a community.

So, for the past few years I found myself with two small businesses. Previously, I always said to myself that no one would see me for kinesiology and website work together. I told myself that people might think I’m less professional for doing the two things that outwardly didn’t appear related, yet I couldn’t deny my calling for creative work or being drawn to help people in this capacity. So I kept going with the two things as separate entities. Then the oddest thing started happening. I realised they were two sides of the same coin.

A more holistic view

My work in natural health had evolved over time. With kinesiology added in as a modality I found myself drawn to working with energy, clearing energetic and emotional blocks with a bit of naturopathic support on the side. Many of those people were fellow self employed people – it’s funny how your practice can often reflect where you’re at in life.

I was working with coaches and therapists who were juggling family life, the creation of a business and sometimes a bridge job to fill an income gap until the business was established. Busy, stressed people sometimes on the verge of burn out, yet driven by passion and purpose.

I worked with people who were terrified of putting themselves out there – online or at networking events, yet knew they had to in order to grow their business.

I worked with people who were stressed about money and faced all sorts of blocks and fears to charge for their service and receive money.

I worked with people whose family and friends just didn’t get what they were doing and and who sometimes found themselves in conflict over their choices, or experienced tension about out-growing relationships as they evolved and changed within themselves.

I started seeing parallels everywhere in this work:

  • The website clients who felt completely triggered and stuck over writing their website copy (who, subsequently, would sometimes take a year or two to complete on their project).
  • The people who couldn’t publish their photo on their website or have a Facebook page because it felt like they were standing on a stage in front of a crowded room announcing to the entire world who they are and what they do.
  • The fellow perfectionists who felt completely stuck and had to find the perfect shade and font combination before they could publish their site – therefore completely stalling on growing their business (I completely understand this one!).

Energetic blocks and limiting beliefs were everywhere.

And once upon a time I’d told myself “no one would ever come to see me for kinesiology and website work”. Yet, when I found myself working with self employed people, that’s what started happening.

People would come and see me at my clinic in Putney, we’d go to the cafe across the road to discuss social media strategy and blogging, then go to the clinic and do a kinesiology session.

People came over to my house to create their website together, then have a kinesiology session to help with the stress of family life while building their business.

Despite my own previous limiting belief that these two sides of work weren’t compatible and no one would need or want that, people were asking for it – and I was doing it.

So what’s next?

I’m feeling called to bring it all together. To facilitate sessions to clear and align energetic blocks so life and business can be a reflection of where you want to be. To assist people with balancing emotions and aligning their mindset in the inner world, so that life and business can evolve joyfully in the outer world.

On a practical level this looks like techy work for websites and social media strategy and alignment sessions with kinesiology and a side helping of naturopathy for inner wellbeing.

This website will evolve shortly to talk more about the personal development and spiritual journey that business can be and some practical tools you can use to grow it online – while keeping life in balance.

If this sounds like a reflection of where you are at, I’m so looking forward to taking the next step with you and sharing the journey. And, if not, then I’d like to thank you for being here up to this point and I wish you every success in the future.

With love,