One of the pictures from my November 2018 photoshoot at size 18.

It’s fair to say that I never dreamt of being a weight loss coach, having been someone that’s yo-yo dieted most of her life.

Up until the end of 2017 I found myself the heaviest I’d ever been. At a dress size 18 I knew that I wasn’t in a place that was healthy for me personally. With my frame and my body shape I found that I was getting aches and pains in my joints, it was harder to exercise and my abdominal fat just kept getting in the way of everything. My confidence was compromised and I just didn’t feel great about myself.

Alot of this was the result of my adrenal fatigue and burnout: the classic fat around the middle that you develop when you’re stressed out. Although I healed my adrenals over the last few years I couldn’t seem to shift the weight I’d gained.

With a background in natural medicine this just felt even worse for me: how could clients come to me for health advice when I didn’t feel like I was in my authenticity by living the healthiest version of life that I could? Yet despite my training and the effect on my business, I found I would still sabotage myself. I knew what I should be doing, so why the hell couldn’t I just do it, I often thought?

As my best friend’s wedding approached I was getting more and more anxious about squeezing into a pretty dress for the occasion. I knew I should try and lose weight but I couldn’t face yet another diet or cleanse that I’d ultimately give up. Then I found this 6-week programme.

A more recent photo of me at dress size 14 in May 2018!

I worked with a colleague who introduced me to the homeopathic and nutritional programme to stimulate fat burning and to reset your body’s weight set point. I was skeptical, but also desperate to lose weight so I tried it and have not looked back.
So far I have personally lost over 10kg (22lbs), 2 dress sizes and feel so much more confident in my ability to regulate my eating and my weight by myself. Clients and people around me started asking me to work with them using the same programme when they noticed my results, and so far I’ve helped women in group programmes and 1:1 coaching sessions to lose approximately 8-10lbs with each 6 week programme.

I’m still on my own journey and have a bit of a way to go to be in a place where I feel at my healthiest, but I do feel I’m on my way there. If any of this resonates with you at all I’d love to share the programme with you too – get in touch to book a clarity call to discover if this work is right for you.