Have you ever thought about taking your work online so you can have more flexibility – whether it be the times you work, or where you work from?

As you have probably seen on Facebook I’m over in Australia and NZ visiting family for the month of March. I don’t get to see enough of my family on this side of the world so it’s a real treat to spend an extended amount of time together and really catch up properly.

Visiting family is a lovely break from my normal life but it’s not a real holiday – I usually come back needing one! I’ve always seen these trips as an opportunity to take my work with me so I can carve out more time to be with them and still be able to earn a living. This is the first trip where I’ve been able to trial this idea.

It’s been interesting so far, and I’ve learned a few things about location independent working. If you’ve ever thought about taking your work elsewhere perhaps this will help you in your planning:

Give yourself more time than you think to readjust

Jet lag + the weather change kicks your butt. You really can’t do as much as you think you could and you need to give yourself plenty of time to readjust to the new environment. It hasn’t even been that hot but the humidity has made me feel like I’m in a mental haze most afternoons.

Figure out when you are happy to work

If you are changing time zones and having contact directly with clients you need to be prepared to work outside of normal hours. I’ve done one Skype homeopathic consultation and two website training sessions, all in the evenings. Which is fine for this short trip, but would I be happy to work in the evenings on a longer trip? Considering a schedule that will work for you is important, perhaps planning 1-2 designated evenings or early mornings that you will be available.

Make a plan for bad internet connections

Internet connections can be variable. Playing videos on many normal internet connections here can be problematic, so my idea of doing a webinar from here is not realistic! Obviously, if I had my own house and internet connection I would be able to find a provider with a super fast connection, but I can’t guarantee it will be any stable in hotels or other people’s houses.

Get on Zoom for meetings and consultations

Zoom rocks and is my saviour! When Skype is being problematic I have connected with clients on Zoom and the connection and quality has been so much better even on a relatively slow internet connection. I’m considering switching to Zoom for all of my online meetings now.

Would I do it again?

Working over on this side of the world a little on this trip has been an experiment more than anything and it has worked well so far aside from a few small problems.

I’m really excited about the thought of having the flexibility to pick up my work and take it with me so I can spend more time here than I’ve been able to before.

How about you? Have you ever thought of taking your work elsewhere with you? Post in the comments below and let us know. If you have any questions about location independent working I’m really happy to share anything I’ve learned so far.

I hope you have a wonderful month and Easter long weekend. I’ll be back home in early April with another round of webinars planned, so if you have any topics you’d love to learn about do let me know.